Our Handpicked Wedding Food and Drink Trucks To Cater Your Wedding Food plays a big part in a wedding and if you, like us, love your food, we are sure you will want to treat your friends and family to the nicest flavours on your wedding day. We have brought you the UK's top wedding food and drink trucks that will rock your wedding the very minute they arrive on the scene. They can be a trendy alternative to the conventional buffet and standard three course meal. They are quite an affordable option and it's definitely a very original way...

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DIY Brides: A handmade wedding is possible

Bride and groom exchanging I Do's getting married

HANDMADE WEDDING VS WEDDING PLANNER All brides and grooms have probably come to the same impasse at some point: Do I hire a wedding planner or do I get crafty and organise my own handmade wedding? Hiring a wedding planner means you can sit back and relax and let a professional do all the hard work for you, but at what cost? Are you prepared to spend a few hundred if not thousands of pounds to let somebody else do something you can do yourself with a bit of time on your hands? Surely you would rather save that bit...

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